wetroomWetrooms in 3 Easy Steps!


Step 1: Choose a Base




Step 2: Choose a Shower Screen




Step 3: Choose a Shower



 Please note that these are only a small selection of our product ranges which are reflected in our brochure. However we have in fact a vast range of products from the highest to the lowest price ranges.

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Step 1: Choose a Base


Low level shower trays

We offer the highest quality of shower trays with a range of sizes available. The trays are all designed to be easily accessible and to fit perfectly into most bathrooms. Shower trays work perfectly with the range of screens we have. With a shallow lip, the tray keeps any excess water within the shower unit and does not act as an obstacle when getting in and out.



Level access trays

If you would like to have a shower with a completely flat access area but still like the idea of having a shower tray, then this is the option for you. The tray is fitted flush into the bathroom floor. Customers who find accessing their shower difficult, but would like to stick to a budget, then this is a good choice.



Wetroom floor

With a variety of tiles available, you can find the ideal design for your space. This is the best solution for an attractive and practical bathroom. If you are to go with this option, you will be able to pick from a beautiful selection of shower screens which all go nicely with the tiles. With a fast drainage system and with its easy entry base, the wet floor is a popular choice.


Step 2: Choose a Shower Screen


Compton Screen

The Compton range comes with a beautifully polished aluminium finish and 6mm safety glass for durability. This contemporary appearance fits well with both a wetroom floor and a low level shower tray. The full height screens compliment any bathroom or wetroom.



Diamond Screen

This attractive chrome finished frame and 6mm thick clear glass is perfect for a modern and stylish bathroom or wetroom. The Diamond range’s two full height split glass shower doors are connected by the unique Duolinx handle system. There is also a choice of having two half height glass screens with handles. This is an ideal choice for seated showering or carer assistance.



Diamond Slide

This is the perfect space saving screen from the Diamond range. The chrome finish compliments all bathroom fixtures and fittings and the lightweight sliding door makes showers comfortable and easy to use. The contemporary designed handles are located both inside and outside of the door.




Step 3: Choose a Shower Unit

shower_unitWe have a wide range of showers and bar mixers…

With a wide range of shower and bath mixers, we have made it our priority to find you exactly what you need. All of the products we offer have been ergonomically designed to make sure they are easy to use for anyone with coordination problems or arthritis in their hands. Whether you are looking for a designer piece, or something that does the job, looks good and fits into a budget; we have it.

What is TMV 2 & 3?

TMVs accurately control water temperatures for bathing, showering, hand-washing and bidets. They are designed to maintain the desired water temperature, even when the incoming water pressures/flow rates change ensuring the user’s safety.

Wet rooms

We are fully aware that sometimes fitting a new bath or shower is not enough. Some of our customers see having a new unit installed as an opportunity to have an entire new wetroom designed to maximise the practicality and appearance of the room. Our consultants will talk you through the space you want changing, making you aware of your options options. With beautifully designed facilities and tiling, we will make your wetroom elegant and as easy-to-use as possible. Wet rooms are designed to be comfortable and safer to use than conventional walk in shower units.
Here at TS Adaptations we fit everything from the floor tiling to the plumbing for the toilet. Absolutely everything in a wetroom can be replaced if needed, this means maintenance can be carried out at low costs.

Wet room design

It all starts with a personal free, no obligation consultation by our professional staff. Then if you are happy and want to go ahead with a wet room our experts who are highly accredited engineers will design a wet room of your dreams. They will look at utilising the space that is available and getting the best possible results giving you the best flexibility. You will be involved in all the design stages right the way to production.
During the design stages of a wetroom you will be involved in choosing every aspect whilst being helped constantly by our accessors. From the walls, doors, ceilings and floors you will be involved in every aspect to make sure we build your perfect wet room.

Wet room installation

The installation process will be carried out by our fully trained, highly accredited, expert engineers. From electricians, plumbers and installers you will be taken care of. We also provide an after care service to ensure the you are happy. Our fitters are of the highest trade quality and provide excellent customer service throughout the process of your wet room installation.
Please feel free to contact us today for a brochure request or any questions you may have.