Bath Lifts



Bath Lifts Fully Installed For £999

There is no catch and no worry about expensive optional extras that cost you a fortune. It literally is the price we quoted fully fitted. Bath lifts are quicker to install than a brand new walk-in bath, which means it is less hassle for the customer. TS Adaptations does offer finance on all products and labour so you don’t have to worry about repayments, you can just enjoy a soak in the tub.

The unit is battery operated to ensure that if there were to be a power cut you are not stuck in the bath. Also the battery has a long lasting life of around 5 years which is the recommended replacement time from the manufacturer. The battery is easily removable from the unit allowing for recharging and can be stored away so that the unit itself is not tampered with. New batteries cost £60 after its 5 year life span.

The belt comes in colours of either green or blue which is made out of a strong material, supporting the weight of up to 20 stone (127kgm). Whilst in the bath the material will not cause discomfort whilst bathing and will be flat against the sides of the bath meaning easy versatility.

The bath lift unit comes installed with a temperature probe as standard to prevent scalding. Also it has a hand held remote as standard with simple controls to operate the belt.

This bath lift is great for anyone who cannot afford a new walk in bath but just wants to adapt their ordinary bath. Find out more by downloading our brochure or take a look at our walk-in bath section to see our entire product range.